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Post  emilykrys on Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:55 am

If you like competitive Player vs Player as well as PK style gaming then this server will be just what you'll want to play. It features: 4x4xcustom lag-free PK server unique pk-point system balanced donations no godly items many customs hairstyles, maps quests and more! Same-sex marriages. Episode 13.2 with 3rd classes. Brand New Server. Many custom mini games like CTF, mortal kombat arena!

You can download the game here: Ragnarok Private Server Client

For installation problems: Install problems

Botters and hackers are automatically banned on login existenceRO is a PK Point PVP server (player kill point player vs player) The more a person kills others the more penalties that happen when that person is killed.

100-199 points= 10% chance to drop 1 piece of gear at random
200 to 299: 35% chance to drop 1 to 2 pieces of gear at random and Get sent to PK jail
300+: 55% chance to drop 1 to 3 pieces of gear at random* and Get sent to PK jail

points decrease 1 point per 2 mins players killed by a pker(player killer) will lose 1 pct of current money and 2pct exp
if a player captures a pker using @pvpcapture as long as the player is 0 to 30 points they will not gain any points for killing the pker they will gain 4pct exp and 1pct money as well as the above possibility if they have high enough points to fit into one of the categories. You don't find many games that allow such a addicting PVP system such as this and many games that do quickly change and remove the system because of all of the players who are against PVP. But You don't have to worry we will be keeping it just like it is and you'll find yourself with unique commands you can use to make the environment enjoyable!

@pvpkillon - turns pk on, allowing you to attack anybody within the boundaries. this is enabled by default.
@pvpkilloff - turns pk off. With this off, you wont be able to attack anybody, preventing you from accidentally hurting others with your AoE or accidentally clicking them with an attack.
@karma - shows your current amount of Kr points.
@showkarma - Displays when you gain and lose Kr. Also shows a total.
@pvpcapture - Allows you to kill anyone with 100+ Kr without risk of gaining Kr so long as your Kr is 30 or below.

For information about the pk system:
PK game

Ragnarok Private Server


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