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Common Patch

- The Malang Island investment ticket vending machine will now sell Siege Arrow Quivers and Purple Potions.
- Guild Dungeon monster spawn, power and experience is updated.
-> Guild Dungeon 2, 3f monster experience rate is lowered.
-> Guild dungeon 3F Hall of Abyss has old treasure boxes added.
- When disconnecting in Guild Dungeon 1F and 2F, you'll be returned to your savepoint.
- The 'Bow Exclusive' limitation in the White Wing set and Ancient Gold Ornament is removed.

Main Servers

- Main server +50% experience and drops has ended.
- Thanatos and Dark Lord servers will receive +20% experience and drops for 1 week for their placement in the RWC team progress.

Sakray Test Server

- Corrected an issue with the Curse of Gaebolg quest where the chat window would close.
- Corrected an issue where sometimes when using mounting reins to mount and dismount would make you unable to move for a period of time.
- Fixed an issue that prevented a performer from using Reverberation when using a 2nd job song when the user has lessons above level 5.
- Corrected the guillotine cross poison Pyrexia poison not properly applying it's effect.
- Fixed an issue with the Homunculus Eira's skill Overed Boost not working correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the Arch Bishop skill Expiatio could not be usable in towns and general fields.
- Corrected an issue where not all 3rd job magic skills were being blocked by the Golden Thiefbug Card.
- The shadow form skill will now check for detecting skills are regular intervals.
- A mistake in the Homunculus Sera's skill Summon Legion description is fixed.
- The weighting of stat increases for homunculus when level up and evolving is changed.
- The new [Experience Rate, Drop Rate, Death Penalty] message will now only display once per login.

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